Accapi.Technology and tradition made in Italy.


A crafts history that began many years ago.

Circle of Energy

An unique and innovative concept where to find solutions improving your performance and recovery.

Handcraft care

Handcrafted manufacturing where the skilled hand of man combined with technology controls the production step by step


Not only performance but above all recovery, because according to Accapi, before and after the performance recovery is fundamental.

Booster Effect

Our technologies combined with sinergy, create unique items that can interact with athlet


We win together

The stories


Research and development

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Recovery Orthopaedic Support

Infrared technology for recovery and sport

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Energy Wave

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Socks Tecnology

Solid bases for your performance



Technology for everyday life

A unique concept where you can find solutions to your own Circle Of Energy

Accapi Fir

It is a special textile fiber that, thanks to the presence of particular metals, emits a natural and constant energy in the frequency range of the infrared which exerts a therapeutic action on the human body.