The Technology behind Ergowool

AEC ® technology, used to make Ergowool garments, provides support to the arms, legs and back, reducing muscle vibration and therefore energy dispersion, while the natural properties of wool allow the evaporation of body moisture, the maximum perspiration and the maintenance of its natural thermoregulation.

The result is a line of extremely soft, light and resistant garments.

  • PROTECTS and supports the body during competition and in all active sports
  • REDUCES vibrations, guaranteeing the perfect containment of the muscular masses, for a minimal dispersion of energy
  • GUARANTEES maximum breathability by isolating the body from thermal changes. It is therefore particularly indicated for the coldest climatic conditions
  • DRAINS outside humidity keeping the skin always dry
  • OFFERS maximum freedom of movement, remarkable wearability and excellent comfort.

Technical and natural baselayer for winter sports

Ergowool is the merino wool-made underwear with the thinness micronage dedicated to the sportsman who chooses nature even in a highly technical garment.

Accordion Fitting Band

Accordion elastic band created for ventilation in the area of the internal elbow able to maintain moisture and perspiration outside

Micro Bee Memo

Micro memory shape structure that adapts perfectly to movement

Micro Stripes Zones

Areas with different density levels for faster sweat dispersion

It is made with seamless double layer technology. The wool layer in contact with the skin embodies all the peculiarities of this precious fiber in order to offer a perfect maintenance of body heat and a high insulating power.

The addition of interlaced elastane with polyamide, in addition to giving the elasticity necessary for a snug fit, facilitates the drainage of moisture and gives this garment greater strength.

Set Free the Movement

The line of ERGOWOOL garments, dedicated to those who want to stay warm even in the coldest temperatures, has been conceived to ensure a high level of unique thermal insulation, together with a perfect containment of the muscular masses due to the AEC® differentiated compression.

The combination of pure merino wool and AEC ® differentiated compression technology ensures the perfect maintenance of body heat as well as the protection and support to the body in all competitions and sports that subject it to powerful active or passive stresses.