With 4 to 14 microns Far-infrared transmission for 5 exclusive benefits:

  • Anti-bacterial, Anti-deodorization, Anti-inflammation
  • Keep your throat warm and moisture
  • Suitable for eczema & sensitive skin
  • Breathable for 24-7 (365days)
  • Extremely Light & Soft

Download the tests carried out by the Korea Far Infrared Association and the China Textile Standards Inspection and Certification:

Test Korea Far Infrared Association

Solve 6 major side-effects for long period mask wearing:

  • Ear comfort design, Anti-fogging glasses
  • Extend hours of surgical mask usage
  • Face fit perfectly attached nose and month
  • Suitable for eczema and allergic skin
  • High breathability to maintain a smooth breathing rhythm
  • Odor resistance for all-day mask wearing
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