Wave technology

Wave is the particular fabric made by Accapi, consisting of a three-dimensional wave pattern created on the basis of the movement of body fluids, which move following rhythmical impulses of filling and emptying of the lymphangions (*), as regards the lymphatic ducts, and of venous traits, as far as blood flow is concerned.

The Wave Advantages

In contact with the skin, Wave creates a gradual mechanical stimulation that acts on the skin and subcutaneous tissue favoring the activation of the circulatory, neurological and energetic systems. In particular, the three-dimensional wave generates, through movement, a train of somatosensory stimuli that allows a greater drainage of subcutaneous fluids, a better oxygenation and a higher local energy flow. It also produces an increased resistance to muscular work, better relaxation and greater control of movements.

(*) Lymphangions are the smallest motor units of lymphatic drainage.

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