Accapi FIR technology

It was developed using the infrared emission energy in the 4-14mm frequency.

The benefits of the Accapi FIR fiber

The emission of energy generated by the Accapi FIR fiber speeds up the intra and extra cellular biochemical processes: the entry of essential nutrients and the elimination of toxins, thus improving the hydration of the tissues and the cellular metabolism.

The natural power of an "infrared engine"

The infrared energy in the wavelenght between 4 and 14 µm does not stop at the superficial epidermal layers but acts on the blood and above all, on its ability to convey the oxygen and nutrients used in the oxidative processes from which the cells derive the ATP, the “current energy coin” of the body, the high-energy compund at the base of the pysical power of the muscular motor. This extraordinary result undoubtely benefits from the action of infrared on the hydrogen bonds of the main solvent used by living lystems: water, which increases capacity to transport nutrients and metabolic waste.

Accapi FIR Energy Source

Infrared rays have a therapeutic effect on the body and the main effects obtained with the use of the Accapi FIR Energy source fiber are many

IMPROVED blood circulation
INCREASED muscle oxygenation
RELAXED muscles
BOOSTED performance

The results of scientific laboratory research confirm that the infrared emission of the Accapi FIR fiber is considerably higher than that of any other fiber.

Energy 4 - 14 ?m for your well-being


To keep the body temperature stable at 37°C with every climate and effort, the body balaces thermogenesis and heat dispersion. The heat produced by the muscles in activity si evenly distribuited in the body by the blood circulation and if necessary, dispersed through the evaporation of sweat. The infrared activity on microcirculation and circulation thus promotes thermoregulation, and their subcutaneous and fisical thermogenic capacity protects the muscles in depth, both when sweating and in extreme cold conditions.

Prevention of unpleasant odors

Unfrared also performs balacncing action on the skin bacterial flora. Their activity is not indistinctly antibacterial but bacterial, therefore respectful on the useful bacteria naturally present in the skin flora, such as those that help the epidermis to maintain its natural ph acid. On the other hand, the bacteriostatic action of infrared is active against the bacterial colonies responsible for unpleasant odors, of which it limits the proliferation.

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