Health Power

Power, recovery, resistance.

All athletes know just how important it is to monitor these. Health Power offers the right balance

Maximum Power*

Increase in maximum power, measured in kg through push/pull tests

Fast Recovery During Activity*

increases the body's ability to sustain high intensity workouts

More Resistance*

increased aerobic power measured in metres over an established period of time, formulated according to the Cooper test

* results obtained while wearing the top and shorts

Verify Result - Cooper Test

The Cooper test develops one of the conditional capacities: resistance. The results are based on the athlete's motivation at the time of the test and his or her training level. The test results give a rough estimate of a person's physical condition.

An innovative structure

TM also offers high elasticity and softness inside the top, thereby avoiding rubbing and irritation during exercise. The fibre, chosen for its comfort and excellent fit, guarantees exceptional shape retention.

The benefits of fibre 

The emission of energy generated by FIR fibre speeds up both intracellular and extracellular biochemical processes: the intake of essential nutrients and the elimination of toxins, thereby improving hydration of tissues and the cell metabolism.

A unique concept where you can find solutions to your own Circle Of Energy

  • IMPROVED blood circulation
  • INCREASED muscle oxygenation
  • RELAXED muscles
  • BOOSTED performance