Women’s Long Sleeve Jersey – Ergoracing


Ergoracing is the adherent shell of elastic energy designed to protect and support the body in competition in all sports that subject to strong active or passive stresses such as vibrations and jolts. Made of seamless double ply technology, the elastic energy shell in contact with the skin is composed of high insulating polyamide microfilaments whose particular micro groove structure allows a rapid evaporation of perspiration: It drains the moisture by taking it outwards and keeping the skin dry. The elastic high-tenacity fiber used for the external structure has a tighter processing to give a better feel to the fitted body. It is suitable for rigorous climates.

Composition: 93% Polyamide / 7% Elastane

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The Technology behind Ergoracing

The AEC® technology with differentiated compression used for the realization of Ergoracing garments, assures support to the arms, legs and back, reducing muscle vibration and therefore the dispersion of energy

Specific ergonomic studies on muscles have enabled the creation of jerseys and pants can guarantee the perfect control of the muscles involved, as a result of the differentiated AEC.

The combination of AEC technology and choice of special fibers help ensure even the necessary elasticity to an extraordinary range of motion.

  • PROTECTS and supports the body during competition and in all active sports
  • REDUCES vibrations, guaranteeing the perfect containment of the muscular masses, for a minimal dispersion of energy
  • HELP to maintain strength and muscle power
  • OFFER extraordinary thermal insulation sweating ans comfort results
  • DRAINS outside humidity keeping the skin always dry

Technical and functional baselayer for winter sports

Accordion Fitting Band

Accordion elastic band created for ventilation in the area of the internal elbow able to maintain moisture and perspiration outside

Six pack

Extensible texture.

Bee Memo

Memory shape structure able to expand and contract with variable size.

Connecting Ribs

Structural connection ribs

Micro Bee Memo

Micro memory shape structure that adapts perfectly to movement

Double Micro Net

Transpiration area

Pectoral Protection

Confortable Ribs

Ergonomic Connection Lines

Comfortable and extensible link

Shell-shaped energy

The tight elastic energy shell with Adaptive Energy Compression is ideal for winter sports and any other activity practiced in cold climate.

ERGORACING is the adherent elastic energy shell designed by Accapi to protect and support the body in the competition and in all sports that put severe stress on active or passive as vibrations and bumps.

Thanks to skin contact layer which drains moisture bringing it outside and keeping the skin dry, ERGORACING always offers extraordinary results of thermal insulation, breathability and comfort.

Additional information
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 x 30 x 40 cm



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