The Technology behind Synergy

In many sports, a controlled balance and posture are among the key factors in achieving peak performances. Accapi, in collaboration with medical professionals and groups of athletes, tested EQT items of clothing using the Cyber-Sabots stabilometric platform.

Specific ergonomic studies on muscles have enabled the creation of jerseys and pants can guarantee the perfect control of the muscles involved, as a result of the differentiated AEC.

  • It PROVIDES a significant increase of the postural stability of the body during the most varied motor activities
  • It HIGHLIGHTS a more prompt and effective response capabilities to the imbalance
  • It ENSURES perfect muscle mass containment, for minimal energy dispersion and maintaining the best comfort
  • It FACILITATES and improves stretching activities ensuring extreme fluidity to movements
  • It DRAINS external humidity while keeping the skin dry and at an optimal temperature, regardless of the external one, during and after sports activities

Balance - Flexibility - Compression

Synergy is the perfect garment if you are looking for more control of your postural stability and an improvement in the stretching activity.

It is the polyamide microfiber underwear created to give the best results during physical exertion. It is ideal for highly aerobic sport that alternate movements with waiting times.

Accordion Fitting Band

Accordion elastic band created for ventilation in the area of the internal elbow able to maintain moisture and perspiration outside

Bee Memo

Memory shape structure able to expand and contract with variable size.

Six pack

Anatomical structure with great dispersion of sweat

Channeling Stripes

Functional ergonomic strips able to limit muscular vibrations during performance

The Technology behind Ergoracing

  • PROTEGGE e sostiene il corpo durante la competizione e in tutti gli sport attivi
  • RIDUCE le vibrazioni, garantendo il perfetto contenimento delle masse muscolari, per una minima dispersione di energia
  • AIUTA a mantenere forza e potenza muscolare
  • OFFRE straordinari risultati di isolamento termico, traspirazione e comfort
  • DRENA l’umidità all’esterno mantenendo la pelle sempre asciutta

Naturally improve your body balance and posture

The tests conducted with EQT items of clothing demonstrated a greater control of postural stability for those who practice sports activities both at competitive and recreational level by reducing energy consumption useful for the maintenance of an upright position both static and dynamic and thus ensuring excellent performance.

Percentage reduction of energy consumption in tests:

Habitual Head

Chief EQT