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Ekaterina Osichkina

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Ekaterina Osichkina

Sky-mountaineering/Sky runner

EKATERINA OSICHKINA, 04.08.1999, fromYelizovo, Kamchatka, Russia


Hello, I am Ekaterina Osichkina, a Russian ski-mountaineering and mountain running athlete. I live in a very far land, Kamchatka peninsula, which is located at the Far East of Russia, where you can ski all year round on the pristine slopes of our volcanoes. I adore doing sport, especially in the mountains, and love the atmosphere of International Competitions, which I have started to participate in since 2014. Began at 7 years old with the cross-country ski sport with my favorite and only coach, my mother, then joined a biathlon team and, eventually, became a ski-mountaineering athlete, I think I have found my way and discovered a wonderful World of mountain lovers, friendship, joy, happiness and fun.

The best achievements:


5 times World champion among cadets and juniors,

4 times European champion among cadets and juniors,

Winner of the Overall, Individual, Sprint and Vertical World Cups among juniors,

16 times winner of the World Cup stages among juniors,

2 times bronze medalist of the World Cup stages among espoirs.


Winner of the Youth World Championship, Vertical Kilometer (youth B category).

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