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Julias Casanovas

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Julias Casanovas

Ski mountaineer

I ski since I have memory. I started with alpine ski because of my family and all the children of my village did it too! I have tried different kinds of winter sports, when I decided to improve my alpine skiing technique in a French Club, doing competitions, challenges and trainings. I skied 5 days during the week ! Can you imagine that I changed the school clothes for the ski technic equipment 4 times a week since 12 years old?

In 2013, I started to do mountaineering and of course, ski mountaineering. First with friends and when I improved my uphill shape, I started competitions.

Now, I’m looking for performance every day in this amazing sport.

During the practice of this sport, I need a thermic and breathable fabric. For training, I use Compression Performance socks because it keeps me warm with a 100% of mobility.

For the competitions, I just want to keep the minimal warmth and the total feeling of my ski boot so I put Ski Touch socks.

Personally, I want to feel the full mobility during the uphill. That’s why I put a Ergoracing thermic with the skimo racing suit and, if it’s cold outside, the x-country.

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