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Nature can teach a lot to humans and the Accapi laboratory knows it. For this underwear line with seamless technology, for all whose wanting to keep warm even in the most intense cold, the designers chose a yarn inspired by the hair structure of the white bear, which lives at the North Pole where environmental conditions are extreme. Thanks to its special double-layer structure the warm fibers are able to retain body temperature while maintaining excellent thermoregulation and, at the same time, ensuring rapid transpiration. The result is POLARBEAR: an extraordinary encounter between nature and technology for an extremely soft, light and dry sports line of clothing for men and woman which always offers a roomy feeling of warmth.

Composition: 50% polyester / 46% polyamide / 4% Elastane

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Technologies Features


The Technology behind Polarbear

For the garments of this line designed to guarantee high thermal insultaion we have chosen a hollow fiber polyester, inspired by the structure of white bear fur, which lives under extreme environmental conditions.

Its particular structure has the advantage of retaining air inside it, thus ensuring better thermal insulation.

  • IT KEEPS the body temperature constant, regardless of the external temperature, during and after sports activities. Praticularly indicated for climatic conditions of intense cold
  • IT SPREADS moisture outside the garment maintaining humidity control for perfect traspiration
  • IT OFFERS high freedom of movement, remarkable wearability and optimal comfort
  • IT PROTERCTS from cold and wind guaranteeing extraordinary thermal insultation results.

The only underwear made from hollow fibre

Polar Bear is ideal for those looking for a warm, light and comfortable garment to protect themselves from the cold in extreme climatic conditions.

Armpit Ventilating Zone

Low density structure that allows excellent air circulation and axillary ventilation.

Flat Junction

Ultra-flat thick elastic seams that guarantee maximum comfort.

Micro Stripes Zone

Area a vestibilità migliorata

It is made with seamless technology double layer. In the layer ibn contact with skin, the elastan spirrally wraps a polyamide microfibre core guaranteeing the necessary elasticity to obtain perfect adherence, excellent wearability, maintenance and extraordinary freedom of movement.

The polyamide microfiber outer layer, in addition to eliminating the sweat absorbed by the underlying layer, protects from the cold offering extraordinary thermal insulation results.

The Technology behind Ergoracing

  • PROTEGGE e sostiene il corpo durante la competizione e in tutti gli sport attivi
  • RIDUCE le vibrazioni, garantendo il perfetto contenimento delle masse muscolari, per una minima dispersione di energia
  • AIUTA a mantenere forza e potenza muscolare
  • OFFRE straordinari risultati di isolamento termico, traspirazione e comfort
  • DRENA l’umidità all’esterno mantenendo la pelle sempre asciutta

Inspired by the hair structure of the polar bear

Furthermore, the greater surface guaranteed by a hollow fiber compared to a compact can be translated into a faster removal of moisture from skin towards the surface of the fabric, where it can quickly evaporate, In this way the skin remains dry thanks to a correct transpiration.

Additional information
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 x 30 x 40 cm



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