A look at the past and one at the future

Do you remember Giano Bifronte, the two-headed divinity consisting of a head and two faces that, according to legend, allow the god to see the past and the future? The story we are about to tell you is that of a company in which the old traditions and the experience of the past live in perfect harmony with the most advanced technology and modern machinery available and, like any self-respecting story, start with the words “once upon a time”.

Once upon a time, therefore, in the fabulous’ 50s, those of rock ‘n’ roll, blue jeans, t-shirts and pin-ups, a man named Bruno Chiaruttini who gave life, in a high textile tradition, to a shoe factory specialized in the production for third parties of classic socks for men and children.

In the following decade, the legendary ’60s those of the economic boom, thanks to the textile ability and the entrepreneurial seriousness of Mr. Bruno, and the subsequent positive results of the market, production grew more and more, allowing it to create its own brands for distribution of classic socks.

The years ’70, years of freedom, transgression, political struggles, but also of great creativity in all fields, were for Chiaruttini years of consolidation and openness to new markets. The future began to appear: under the aegis of his father Bruno, his son Claudio began to take his first steps in his father’s company, devoting himself to developing exports.

The Accapi di Rezzato headquarters in northern Italy

With an eye to the past, then to the experience and the paternal tradition, and one to the future, in the 80s, the roaring decade of shoulder pads and cotton hair,  thanks to new investments the ACCAPI brand – acronym of High Performance – which specialized in the production of technical socks for every sport, in the name of the most rigorous talent made in Italy.

In the 90s, that decade crushed between the end of the light and carefree years just ended and the desire, almost frenetic, to discover the imaginary l 2000, protagonist of fantasies and science fiction, Accapi began to develop new original patents, consolidating its presence first in the Italian market and, later, in the foreign market.

Panta Rei, everything flows, said the Greek Heraclitus, to symbolize the flow of time, the becoming: those who stop are lost. And Accapi, in the future that has now become present, the year 2000 coveted and imagined in a thousand different ways, did not stop and, indeed, even decided to diversify the offer, adding to the production of socks a line of technical underwear for men, women, child.

Every self-respecting story ends with the words “and they all lived happily ever after”. What we have told you, which is the story of a typical Italian family business, which since the late 90s uses the professionalism of Cristina, and that in the next decade also greeted the entry of Nicolò, to represent the new generation Chiaruttini, is an exception. The final point has not yet been put, the new future is ready to become more than ever present: the most suitable words to conclude the story of Chiaruttini and Accapi are to be continued.

"Rather forgive a bad foot than some ugly socks"

(Karl Kraus)


    The beginnings

    In an area with a high textile tradition, the Bruno Chiaruttini hosiery company specializes in the production for third parties of classic men’s and children’s socks.



    The production is growing, the results of the market are positive, the textile capacity and the seriousness entrepreneurship create the conditions for future development and Chiaruttini creates brands for the distribution of classic socks.



    These are years of consolidation and opening of new markets. To Mr. Bruno is joined by his son Claudio, whose more international vision develops exports.


    The evolution

    New investments allow the Chiaruttini socks to become part of the sports socks market: the ACCAPI brand – the acronym of High Performance – rigorously made in Italy is born.


    The specialization

    The market and the customers require more specialization: basic productions are abandoned to devote themselves to research and  innovation and the era oftechnical sports stocking with differentiated structure begins. The sock becomes a fundamental “tool” for every sport.



    The world and the technologies are constantly evolving. ACCAPI is always closer to athletes and their problems and is aware that doing sports in cold environments and without the right equipment can be fatal. The concept of protection becomes a mission of the brand.


    The turning point

    With new investments in seamless technology machines, ACCAPI begins the production of technical underwear.


    The new protection systems

    Accapi presents the ERGORACING underwear and socks market, a highly successful protection system.


    Intuition: infrared rays

    The research and development section of ACCAPI understands that the future of well-being, especially in sport, is the use of infrared rays properties and is dedicated to studies and research with leading Italian and international universities to verify the benefits of some textile fibers.



    POLARBEAR underwear and sock are born, equipped with a very high insulating thermal capacity. Created using a hollow yarn, which takes its inspiration from the hollow hairs of the Polar bear, and reinterpreted with the new technologies in hollow fibers, they are unique and appreciated items on the market.


    The first excellent results of infrared in the stocking …

    After years of experimentation and clinical trials, ACCAPI presents to the sports market the first technical sock with differentiated structure with infrared emission, whose properties microcirculation and recovery improve, offering a surplus to traditional socks.


    … and in the intimate

    Accapi presents to the sports market ACCAPI PRO, the first infrared emission underwear, whose properties improve performance and recovery. It is the birth of a new era.


    Infrared is not science fiction but reality

    The infrared rays emitted by ACCAPI garments conquer authority and even the skeptics are convinced. Not only athletes and trainers, but also control bodies certify their effectiveness, and sportsmen confirm this. ACCAPI develops and deposits a line of orthopedic supports certified by the Italian Ministry of Health assigning it the CE mark.


    Fashionable technology

    The patented CRYSTAL TRAMA structure is born which, thanks to a special textile processing, also gives the technical underwear a very glamorous technological look.



    The continuous study of the links between the properties of the textile fibers and their effects on the body cuts a further goal: ACCAPI presents EQT, equilibrium system, a system that, integrated into the underwear, improves and optimizes significantly the postural stability.



    Accapi presents the innovative system able to increase maximum strength, recovery with a consequent increase in the body’s ability to support high intensity workouts, increased aerobic power measured. The results are verified by the Cooper test which is recognized by the international scientific community.


    Every human body as well as every garment to wear are different, for this reason Accapi has developed the EXS system that represents a system of optimization and modulation of the parameters that make up an Accapi garment. Dimensional parameters of the fibers, of the type of weave or weft, types of yarns with different technical characteristics.


    ACCAPI presents WAVE technology and develops a line of technical sports socks which combines the wave structure with the already known taping, used in the textile field in combination to the potential of the infrared.


    2018 and others…

    Always fall in line…stay tuned!



Nel 2006, la costante attenzione all’innovazione porta Chiaruttini a conoscere un rivoluzionario filato che ha la proprietà, unica e particolare, di emettere una naturale e costante energia, nella gamma di frequenza dell’infrarosso, in grado di interagire con i fluidi e i tessuti del corpo.

Italian design and style

Accapi means technology, ergonomics but also charm, our designers, attentive to the international color and style trends, manage to make "Glamor" every technical garment to satisfy the most demanding athletes.

Textile technology

The Accapi machine park is equipped with modern technologies such as seamless machines that make it possible to produce seamless tubulars, socking machines and glove and accessory finishing.


In every phase of execution, man interacts and completes what technology creates because we at Accapi believe that only man is the perfect "machine" to which he can entrust the finishing task.


At the end of the production processes Accapi subjects the products to hypoallergenic pre-wash, softening and bacteriostatic treatments, giving the garments softness and hygiene.


Great attention is paid to the realization of the packaging that must optimize the display in the sales outlets facilitating the choice by the final consumer informing him about the benefits offered, orientating him in choosing the product that best suits his needs.
This strictly manual packaging phase is the last control phase before the Accapi garments are distributed in the world.

Intuendo le potenzialità di questa nuova tecnologia nel settore sportivo, Chiaruttini decide di utilizzarla per creare nuove linee rinnovando così il proprio impegno nel mondo della ricerca con programmi di stretta collaborazione con prestigiose Università Italiane ed Estere che oltre a confermare l’efficacia di questa fibra sia nello sport che nel benessere consentono di ottenere dal Ministero della Salute, nel novembre del 2008, il riconoscimento e la registrazione dei supporti ortopedici della linea Accapi “Bodyguard” come “Dispositivi Medici”.


Accanto alla produzione tradizionale viene quindi creata una speciale sezione, Accapi FIR dedicata alla progettazione ed alla realizzazione di nuovi prodotti destinati non solo agli sportivi, sia durante la performance che nella fase di recupero, ma anche all’impiego nel tempo libero e nei momenti del relax.